logo w more white      Trying to convey with words and pictures the experience of drinking our Black Aronia wine is challenging. Some have noted a similarity to wild cherry, others like the idea that aronia is a native super fruit, everyone seems have their own twist in describing our wine. Some don’t like it at all, or only the sweet version, or only the dry.  I include this page in the website to describe MZO events and for our friends and customers to share their thoughts on Mount Zion Orchard Black Aronia wine in their own words. I encourage you to send me an email describing your own experience.

I have been attending the Kent Island Farm Market on the first Thursday of the month. The church Soup Group have got their act together, usually four different soups and salads. To preorder  call them at 410-643-5921 or email

Taste our wine at the Riverdale Park  Farmers Market on second Thursdays. Check out their Facebook page.