Our Wines

Skinny Oak Aronia Wine.  Fermented on the skins and lightly oaked, Mount Zion Orchard Skinny Oak Aronia Wine is a dry red that pairs well with sharp cheese, savory dishes, or dark chocolate.
Party Foul Aronia Wine,  Party foul is Mount Zion Orchard’s sweeter finish for our Black Aronia wines. It would be a shame to spill (a party foul) this off-dry to semi-sweet red wine.
Whole Notes Aronia Wine,  Black Aronia fermented whole to bring out all the flavor notes. We have some cases of this full bodied dry red where no sulfites were added during the winemaking process; however, sulfur does occur naturally in all plants.
Duet Apple Wine and Aronia Wine,  Duet is a Blend, two-thirds apple wine and one-third black aronia. Though red in color; Duet is more akin to a white wine, albeit with more tannins. A little lighter than the all aronia wines.