American Holly

In addition to the growing and winemaking with aronia, we grow and sell superior selections of American Holly.  Fair Spring Nursery, our holly growing business, offers specimen Ilex opaca and also smaller ones suitable for reforestation projects. Contact me, Gerry Godfrey, by email or , or call 410-924-6991 . The address is the same as for Mount Zion Orchard, the holly trees are growing adjacent to the aronia.

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A bit about American Holly: Also known as Christmas Holly, it is a native plant to NE North America; the leaves are evergreen, light olive to dark green, glossy and spiked; the female has berries that range from green through yellow, orange or red; the growth habit ranges from a bushy shrub through an upright tree.  As one rides the highways of the Mid-Atlantic during winter, the American Holly character can be easily seen in the green understory trees. The plant tolerates shade, even thrives, as can be seen in the latin name, I. opaca, which refers to shade; yet when permitted full sun, can really come into it’s own.

A walk through the woods will quickly show how different American Hollies can be from one to the next; some particularly striking, others rather ordinary. We grow hollies selected for particularly attractive traits. In other words, our hollies are grown from cuttings which we root, this gives the tree the characteristics of the parent from which the cuttings were chosen. Genetic diversity is maintained by choosing multiple selections and using wild pollenators.